Venetian heritage renewed

The intervention refers to the last floor of an historical venetian building in S. Maurizio field next to the church with the same name and dated back to 1489, which has been enriched with several symbolic forms that recall the extraordinary venetian heritage.


The reference/link to Venice is evident in the use of colour that is used by enhancing at all its architectural possibilities: green, light blue and grey are mixed on the walls, on the table tops, on the wall structures and on the windows, thus becoming a clear recall to water that seems to flow also inside the house; moreover we try to make the context less perceptible in order to lead the look at the collections of venetian glass. Part of the furniture such as beds, tables, as well as the fireplace were also designed. Other recalls are the table supports inspired by the external railings, the half-wall columns of the corridors, the tiles of golden mosaic on the floor and the similar ones on the sliding doors, memory of byzantine decorations. Finally, a particular relevance was given to the Altana, a white canvas “box” that stands out on the side of S. Maurizio’s church.

The Venetian house has been published on Casa Vogue n. 166 September 1985 and on the volume "Venice: The art of Living" by Frederic Vitoux (Author), Jerome Darblay (Illustrator) , Stewart Tabori & Chang Publishing, New York, 1991