Venetian heritage renewed

The intervention involved the top floor of a historic 16th-century building in Campo S. Maurizio, next to the church of the same name, home of the Scuola di Santa Maria degli Albanesi, located on the corner between the narrow Calle del Piovan and the Rio del Santissimo. 


The apartment was designed adopting a series of materials and symbolic forms that recall the superb legacy of Venetian craftsmanship. The reference to Venezia is evident in the colours used: green, blue and grey are all around, flooding its walls, furnishings, walls and fixtures, thereby recalling the water that, from the canal outside, seems to flow through the house. The floors are made with large Murano glass tiles with a milled surface, with small traces of gold mosaic running through: gold tiles that also appear in the décor designed by the studio and on the doors, like Byzantine calligraphy.



The Venetian house has been published on Casa Vogue n. 166 September 1985 and on the volume "Venice: The art of Living" by Frederic Vitoux (Author), Jerome Darblay (Illustrator) , Stewart Tabori & Chang Publishing, New York, 1991